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Tom and Caroline met on a summer day in 1965 in Ocean City, New Jersey. He was a soldier about to be sent to Vietnam. She was a divorceé whose future was uncertain. For just one night, they gave each other everything . . . and then said goodbye. But not all goodbyes are forever. Six months and many sizzling-hot letters later, Caroline and Tom are together again, this time in paradise. Tom's R&R feels like heaven on earth, a place where war doesn't exist. Neither of them want these seven days -- and nights -- to ever end. For one week in Hawaii, the past is irrelevant and the future is forgotten as two lovers share their hearts, their souls and their bodies under Pacific skies.

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Emma Fallon

Emma Fallon is a southern girl with a penchant for long nights under the stars with hot men. She writes and reads erotic romance and has a special weakness for historical erotica. She can be enticed to do just about anything. . .as long as there's chocolate involved.

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