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It's 2005, and Jed Walker has just entered the CIA. After a distinguished ten years within Air Force special ops, he's re-upped to avoid a desk job. But his first job will move the front line far closer to home--his first mission is stateside. New Orleans, pre-Katrina. Walker is sent on a mission by Harold Richter, CIA field operations legend and trainer of agents provocateur. The task he sends Walker on is a one-way ticket--survive and succeed at all costs. Walker is an off-the-grid, solo, deniable asset. But Walker soon finds out he's not alone. There's a British Agent in place, a savvy MI6 operator named Steph Mensch, and she's been tracking a super-yacht of Russians from Miami to the Big Easy. They're there to buy--and the asking price is huge. Soon, our spies learn that they must work together, and their missions become one and the same.

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James Phelan

"Jed Walker is right there in Reacher's rear-view mirror." -- Lee Child

James Phelan is a Melbourne-based writer. He has studied and taught writing at a post graduate level, and has been a full-time novelist since the age of 25. His first book was the author interview collection LITERATI: Australian Contemporary Literary Figures Discuss Fear, Frustrations and Fame (John Wiley & Sons, 2005) . His thriller novels featuring investigative journalist Lachlan Fox include FOX HUNT (Hachette, 2006) , PATRIOT ACT (2007) , BLOOD OIL (2008) , LIQUID GOLD (2009) , RED ICE (2010) . His ALONE trilogy of Young Adult post-apocalyptic novels are titled CHASERS (Hachette, 2010) , SURVIVOR (2011) and QUARANTINE (2011) . James has written for a variety of newspapers and magazines, having worked at The Age from 2000-2006, and has contributed to short story anthologies and serialised novels, including: PICTURE THIS (Penguin, 2010) , WATCHLIST (Vanguard, 2010) , and the GET READING! anthology (2011) . His latest novels are a thriller introducing a new character, Jed Walker, THE SPY (Hachette 2013) , a 13-book Young Adult series THE LAST THIRTEEN (Scholastic, Sept 2013 and monthly in 2014) , and several other projects. You can find James at www.jamesphelan.com

"James Phelan is one of the hottest thriller writers to arrive on the scene in years. His hero, Lachlan Fox, is just the kind of gritty man the world needs in a time of crisis." -- Vince Flynn

"Drawn to a keen edge, smart, resilent Lachlan Fox is a tough, savvy hero who takes the reader on a fast and furious ride through a complicated maze of timely political intrigue. James Phelan has earned a new avid fan." -- Steve Berry

"James Phelan has produced a big, juicy, rollicking tale in the spirit of Robert Ludlum. We haven't seen an international thriller like this for a long time. Let's hope Lachlan Fox is planning on getting into more trouble in the near future!" --Jeffery Deaver

"Insider secrets and violent power plays fuel the exciting new international thriller by James Phelan. From dark alleys to elite board rooms, this tale will rivet you with its fresh take on global politics and the fascinating men and women who pull the strings." -- Gayle Lynds

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