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Amy has started a unicorn fan club, and she cant wait for everyone to come! There will be cupcakes, crafts, and prizes. But not one of her friends shows up. Disappointed, Amy heads over to her tree house, where she sees a tail swishing over the railing and hears hooves clattering on the floor. She cant believe her eyescould there be real unicorns who want to join her club

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Suzy Senior

Suzy Senior lives and works at the top of a huge hill in Yorkshire. She lives with her family, two guinea pigs, a hamster, some fish, a grumpy kestrel, twelve whippets and a family of cheeky ferrets.She has worked in publishing for what seems like ages, and still really loves it. The rest of the time, she likes to write books for children, but usually has to clean out the guinea pigs instead.**That's all true, except for the bit about the ferrets, the kestrel and the whippets. To be honest, it's mainly just fish and guinea pigs. But that's plenty, really.

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