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Dr. Glady McGarey, a centenarian still-practicing doctor and the mother of holistic medicine, reveals her powerful and life-changing secrets for how to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age.. Dr. Gladys McGarey, cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association, began her medical practice at a time when women couldn't even own their own bank accounts. Over the past sixty years, she has pioneered a new way of thinking about disease and health that has transformed the way we imagine health care and self-care around the world. On these pages, Dr. McGarey shares her six actionable secrets to enjoying lives that are long, happy, and purpose-driven: -Spend your energy wildly: How to embrace your life fully and feel motivated every day. -All life needs to move: How to move - spiritually, mentally, and physically - to help let go of trauma and other roadblocks.

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