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Learn the Historically Proven Stitches Every Seamster Needs with Beloved Historical Fashion YouTuber Bernadette BannerWhether you are just getting started with sustainable fashion and need to alter your new secondhand finds, or you want an introduction to sewing techniques for making your own clothes, Bernadette Banner's signature voice will guide you through all the traditional stitches and techniques you need to extend the life of your favorite pieces and take fashion intoyour own hands!From tips and tricks on choosing your materials and preparing your fabric for sewing to more complex techniques like mending small holes, adding pockets to garments, making your own buttons and beyond -- this book has everything you need. Complete with step-by-step photos and insight into what alterations each sewing technique is best suited for, Bernadette walks you through every step of your sewing journey.

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Bernadette Banner

Bernadette Banner is a filmmaker and dress historian, best known for her YouTube channel documenting the exploration, reconstruction and interpretation of English dress predating the widespread use of the electric sewing machine, with a particular focus on the years between 1890 - 1914. Her reconstruction work seeks to put period authentic techniques and machinery into practice while simultaneously seeking to learn how historical sewing techniques and attitudes towards dress can be adopted today in an effort to fight the effects of 21st century fast fashion.Banner graduated from New York University in 2017 following an earlier career in costume design for Broadway in New York. She has since worked with the School of Historical Dress in London, including publication projects such as Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion 5: The Content, Cut, Construction, & Context of Bodies, Stays, Hoops, & Rumps, c. 1595-1795". She currently works as a content creator and research consultant in London.

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