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A Parent's Guide to Divorce is every family's reference for raising healthy, happy children of all ages through divorce at all stages.Healthy, thriving children have strong family bonds -- but that doesn't mean their parents need to stay married. A Parent's Guide to Divorce coaches both high-conflict and cooperating parents alike on how to best address children's needs to become a stronger and closer family than before.From creating a parenting plan to navigating the post-divorce world, this child-centered reference teaches you what to say and do to guide your children through divorce. With age-specific guidance for toddlers to young adults, A Parent's Guide to Divorce offers proactive solutions to make your child a priority as you successfully transition to co-parenting.

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Karen Becker MA

A family coach who has worked with hundreds of families as they've transitioned from parenting together to co-parenting in separate homes, I'm also a Mom and a co-parent. My background in counseling and my personal experiences have shaped strategies for successful co-parenting that put children first. I am a passionate believer that divorce doesn't have to be filled with negativity. It is possible to work on healing, compartmentalize the frustrations and anger that are normal in divorce, and put love of your children ahead of anything else. You are only one part of the equation. Myself and the clients I work with make attempts at positive, open communication and a joint working relationship even when it's difficult.

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