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Discover time-tested strategies to growing a successful business and leading a team - without sacrificing your personal life. The key is delegation.. Drawing on his own experience launching and scaling multiple companies, New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen shares the secrets of how you can shift your mindset (and your workload) to focus on the things that are most important for your business, your employees, and you.. With the rise of remote work, the gig economy, AI, and social media, the boundaries between work and home are dissolving, leaving workplace leaders with less time for themselves than ever before. Featuring real-life examples and prompts for goal setting, Get Over Yourself is a blueprint to help readers become master delegators by learning how to:Embrace delegation as a strategy for long-term growth and successAvoid common challenges faced by small business owners and corporate leadersNavigate the changing work landscape, including remote work, hybrid work, ChatGPT, and the gig economyChoose the right people for your team and encourage a workplace of trust and autonomyCreate a healthy, sustainable work-life balance in today's dynamic work environmentBuild a business that serves your life, not a life that serves your businessGet Over Yourself is an evergreen guide for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and leaders growing their businesses in a new world.

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