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Jade Fulton and Ethan Garrett are opposites in every sense of the word. Ethan is an all-American poster boy a star athlete dating the most popular girl in school and a devout Christian. Jade keeps mostly to herself. She abhors joining things, hates everyone at their high school except her best friend, Gia, and considers herself agnostic.
When Ethan and Jade find themselves locked in an aerobics room overnight, their confinement forces them to push past the labels they ve given each other. Jock. Loner. Jesus freak. Skeptic. Golden boy. Intellectual. Amid hours of arguing, philosophizing, and silly game playing, Ethan and Jade learn there's a lot more to the other person than meets the eye.
After that night, life returns to normal and each goes back to their regular lives. Still, neither one can shake the unexpected bond they formed and they can t help but question what they ve been taught to believe, who they want to be, and where their hearts truly lie.

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Christine Hurley Deriso

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." - William Wordsworth

One thing that strikes me about my writing is that the process has changed very little since I first started jotting down stories around age six. An idea fills my head and whines, cajoles, begs or bullies until I pay attention. Sometimes the ideas are so charming that I scoop them up in a hug. Other times, they're so annoying that I snap, "What? " at their insistence. But either way, I can no more walk away from one than I could walk away from a child in need.

The ideas originate in my head, but they seem to have a mind, an essence, an existence of their own. I feel more like a vessel than an owner. Succumbing to these ideas' insistence to flow through me is profoundly joyful, yet also utterly involuntary. And that hasn't changed since I was six.

What has changed, I hope, is my wisdom, my insight, my courage ... my head's ability to make enough sense of these ideas to shape them into something meaningful, even the ones that scare me. Especially the ones that scare me.

I'm guessing you'll glean from my books that I love all words, any words, Whether I'm writing for a young child, a tween, a young adult or a Ph.D., I try hard to move my reader ... to make his world a little bigger or his heart a little fuller. Hopefully both.

So there you have it: I love words and I love ideas, and if I didn't love them, they'd badger me anyhow. Thanks for sharing the experience with me.


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