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Have you ever swallowed a seed? If you've eaten a strawberry or a tomato, the answer is, yes! But why didn't a new plant grow inside your stomach? In this book, readers discover what a seed needs to grow into a fruit-bearing plant.

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Anna Prokos

Anna Prokos has written so many fiction and nonfiction books for kids, that she lost count of them years ago! (Her mom, however, has everything Anna has written--even her 5th grade book reports!) When she's not writing, Anna scopes out great children's books at her local library and bookstore. She holds writing workshops in schools and reads her books to students around the world using Skype and the latest technology. The children and teachers she meets give her ideas and inspiration for her upcoming projects. She's currently working on The Lucky Year, the sequel to The Lucky Cake, published by A-to-Z Publishing. The author, her husband, and their three children live in a quiet town in Bergen County, NJ. The family shares their home with a bright violet fish, two large hermit crabs, and a very funky blue-tongued skink.

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