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Doing Good. . . Says Who? explores the impact of good intentions from the inside. The authors conducted over 400 interviews and synthesized the lessons learned. The end result is that you are on the ground with volunteers, nonprofits, donors, and--most uniquely--the intended beneficiaries of good will. Through story telling, humor, analysis, practical advice and a discussion guide, five key concepts emerge: 1. Respect and value people 2. Build trust through relationships 3. Do 'with' rather than 'for' 4. Ensure feedback and accountability 5. Evaluate every step of the way These principles will help you evaluate your motivations, question assumptions, and turn good intentions into positive outcomes.

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Connie Newton

The authors are deeply influenced by their two life times of experiences trying to do good as volunteers, board members and donors, by successes and failures. The epiphanies continued as they met with over 400 volunteers, donors, non-profits and local Guatemalan people, mostly in mountain villages, to understand their many viewpoints and experiences coming from good intentions.

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