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Many professionals aspire to work for startups. Executives from large companies view them as models to help them adapt to today's dynamic innovation economy, while freshly minted MBAs see magic in founding something new. Yes, startups look magical, but they can also be chaotic and inaccessible. Many books are written for those who aspire to be founders, but a company only has one or two of those. What's needed is something that deconstructs the typical startup organization for the thousands of employees who join a fledgling company and do the day-to-day work required to grow it into something of value.Entering StartUpLand is a practical, step-by-step guide that provides an insider's analysis of various startup roles and responsibilities--including product management, marketing, growth, and sales--to help you figure out if you want to join a startup and what to expect if you do.

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Jeffrey Bussgang

Jeffrey Bussgang is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and entrepreneurship professor at Harvard Business School (HBS) . His venture capital firm, Flybridge Capital Partners, has over $600 million under management and made investments in over 100 technology-focused startups since inception over fifteen years ago. At HBS, he teaches Launching Technology Ventures, a popular class for MBA students starting companies or pursuing careers in startups.

Prior to becoming a venture capitalist, Bussgang was an entrepreneur, serving as cofounder and president of Upromise (acquired by Sallie Mae) and an executive team member at Open Market (IPO 1996) . He is author of two books: Mastering the VC Game, an essential guide for entrepreneurs raising capital and building their startups, and Entering StartUpLand, an essential guide to finding the right startup job, as well as over twenty HBS case studies, teaching notes and book chapters on startup management and entrepreneurship. He started his career with The Boston Consulting Group and holds an MBA from HBS and a BA in computer science from Harvard College.

He writes a popular blog, www.SeeingBothSides.com, that has been syndicated in Fortune, Inc. and the Huffington Post and lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children. The book website can be viewed at www.JeffBussgang.com.

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