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"GUTs is an attempt to help people understand the difference between their head, heart and gut and to use them in a way to make better decisions. Hopefully, GUTs will help you find your unique and powerful purpose to live with joy, passion and success." - Sam BrackenIn this modern era, we tap an app on our smartphone and anything you can imagine is delivered to you- maybe even by drone. We live in an age of convenience and ease; personal butlers are back in fashion and everyone has a chauffeur on call thanks to Uber. When was the last time you really "went for it?" Does anyone even have to try anymore? Sam Bracken answers that question with an emphatic YES. Now, more than ever, is the time to go for the gusto. In his book GUTS, Bracken explains why we all need to dig deep and do soul-searching to see what lights the fire within to bring forth your VERY best.

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Sam Bracken

Sam Bracken grew up in a family best described as a cracked-out version of The Brady Bunch on an Episode of Cops, living in rundown apartments and trailers on the fringes of Las Vegas. Mobsters and motorcycle gang members were his role models. Horrifically abused by his wannabe mobster stepfather LeRoy and his sadistic older stepbrother, Sam started drinking and doing drugs by age 9.Sam's love of sports - track and especially football - became his salvation. His dream of being a professional football player led him to a radical decision as a 13-year-old: to quit doing drugs and drinking and find a path out of the dark life he was living. He languished in special education classes until an eighth grade teacher discovered he just needed glasses.When Sam was 15, his mom, who'd often worked three jobs to support the family, suffered a mental breakdown and abandoned him to become the den mother of the notorious Hessian motorcycle gang.Sam graduated in 1986 from The Georgia Institute of Technology with honors and a degree in Industrial Management. In 1993 Sam received an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from BYU's Marriott School of Management. Sam is also a member of the National Speakers Association.Today the abused, homeless teen in special education classes has grown into a man who lives the American dream with a beautiful family of his own. He serves as the global director of media publishing for FranklinCovey, the world's leading training and leadership organization with services in more than 145 countries.

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