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Anyone can draw and paint, anywhere and at any time! Whether in your backyard or while traveling the world, Anywhere, Anytime Art: Watercolor is an inspirational, easy-to-use reference guide for artists who seek to expand their artistic horizons in new and adventurous ways. After a basic overview of tools and materials, learn how to find inspiration and beauty everywhere and in everything. Discover how to create a portable pack-and-carry supply box to create art spontaneously, even while on the go. Basic drawing and painting techniques, approachable step-by-step projects, and instructions for working with tools outside the studio demonstrate how easy it is to draw and paint without too much advanced planning. Anywhere, Anytime Art: Watercolor inspires artists of all skill levels to embrace their creative side to create beautiful works of art wherever they might be, from Monet's garden in Giverny, France, to sitting in their car on a rainy morning.

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Barbara Roth

Barbara Roth has been interested in art since she learned how to make crayon stick figures at age 3. In her college art classes she discovered that there were drawing and painting techniques that could be learned and that "artistic talent" did not have a lot to do with being a skilled artist. She realized drawing and painting could be learned by practicing a lot and by studying with good, supportive art teachers who could share their skills.
She wanted to combine her interests in psychology, art and childhood education so she studied Art Education obtained a teaching credential. Although teaching taught her a lot of things, she did not enjoy teaching art to middle school aged children in the L.A. School system. She soon switched to teaching adults.
Her desire to add humor to her artwork led her to study children's book illustration and she wrote and illustrated many picture books. The skills she learned from drawing children's books, like how to draw a hippo wearing a prom dress, helped her add a touch of whimsy to all her paintings and drawings.
She created Anywhere Art materials and now a book when she was looking for a way to encourage her students to find ways to paint more often. Over the last 10 years, Barbara has taught travel Anywhere Art Workshops in Europe and taught workshops in Italy, France, England and Scotland. She believes anyone can learn to paint and draw if they want to and do their homework.

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