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What happens when we die? Do we really die alone? What if death is not the end but a new beginning?As the dying prepare to leave this world, they often begin to get a glimpse of what lies beyond through deathbed visits from deceased loved ones, strangers, and angelic or divine figures. Religious beliefs appear to have no bearing on these experiences -- even atheists and nonbelievers have reported such phenomena. At times these visits are experienced by others in the room, offering incredible validity to the idea that life truly does continue.A Call from Heaven will:Report a wide variety of recent, documented deathbed visits from around the world.Introduce you to the many different forms of deathbed phenomena, including angelic visions, shared-death experiences, gateway or portal appearances, and many others.

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Josie Varga

Josie Varga is the best-selling author of Visits from Heaven and Divine Visits. The author of six books, she has been called an angel who has taken human form. A former magazine editor and communications consultant, her life changed course when she received a validated dream message from a man who died in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Forever transformed by her experience, she vowed to help others understand that life truly never ends and love never dies. Life, she says, is eternal and so are we.

For more information, please visit her website: www.josievarga.com or her blog: http://josievarga.wordpress.com. She also has a popular group on Facebook based on Visits from Heaven, which provides a forum for people to share their spiritual experiences and know that they are not alone.

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