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Conquer Your Chronic Pain offers the millions of chronic-pain sufferers throughout the world a transformative model for pain management. Dr. Abaci is a pioneer in understanding the biopsychosocial aspect of chronic pain and patients' demands for a more holistic and personal approach to pain management.Dr. Abaci details his own struggle with injury, surgery, and conventional recovery and pain management, then offers a wide variety of case studies and clear explanations of the latest scientific research to reveal how chronic pain creates a brain-based disease that will only respond to integrated therapies.For two decades, Dr. Abaci's approach has helped transform the lives of thousands of people devastated by pain.If you are suffering from chronic pain and are tired of failed treatments and too many pills, relief starts here!.

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Peter Abaci

Peter Abaci, M.D., is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He serves as the Medical Director of the nationally recognized Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, located in Los Gatos, California, which he cofounded with Dr. John Massey. A widely respected expert on chronic pain management and a highly successful chronic pain sufferer, he is the author of "Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain: The Latest Research, Cutting-Edge Tools, and Alternative Treatments for Feeling Better." Dr. Abaci is the host of Health Revolution Radio, editor and co-founder of http://painreliefrevolution.com/, serves as an expert and weekly contributor for the chronic pain community on WebMD, and is a regularl contributor to The Huffington Post and About.com.

Dr. Abaci began his quest to radically change conventional chronic pain thinking and treatment after dealing with the agony of his second anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. His mission is to help transform the way medicine treats pain and to restore hope for healing and optimum long-term health. Dr. Abaci focuses on developing alternative solutions to treating chronic pain by drawing on neuroscience research, evidence-based medicine, ancient Eastern spiritual traditions, stress management techniques, nutrition principles, exercise programs, art therapy, and real-life lessons.


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