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Best buds, frenemies, freeloaders, bullies, copycats, hangers-on. We're accustomed to all types of people and human interactions. But animal relationships can be just as weird and complex. For anyone who's ever felt a bit awkward in their relationships, wait until you hear about how complicated things get in the animal world. This funny and enlightening gift book depicts charming and unusual symbiotic animal relationships in all their awkward glory.

Through delightful watercolor illustrations and funny yet scientifically accurate text, Iris Gottlieb explores the symbiotic relationships of 35 odd, cute, and unpredictable animal pairs. Here are stories of vampires, cannibalism, mimicry, parasites, and more. You'll learn a lot about nature--and human nature--as you recognize traits of your own friends, frenemies, and enemies in this insightful, amusing look into the secret lives of animals.

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Iris Gottlieb

Iris Gottlieb is a freelance illustrator and layman scientist. Originally from the South, currently residing in the Bay Area, she grew up collecting dead and living things and has continued to do so, documenting and researching them along the way. She has collected 3,614 shark teeth. When not exploring, Iris works with museums, publications, groups, and individuals as a freelance illustrator, animator, and graphic recorder. She has had work published in Smithsonian Magazine, Darling Magazine, and many more across subjects. Over the past 5 years, she has worked with museums around the country, making scientific information more accessible and fun.

Her mission as an artist is to make work that is fun, informative, non-intimiadting, vulnerable and provides a visual alternative to text information. As a queer female in the science world with no extensive formal background in the sciences, she hopes to encourage young people and adults (particularly girls, women, and queer people) to be interested in science, pursue it even if not through traditional routes of schooling, and be curious to explore the natural world in micro and macro ways.

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