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Writing is cooler in cursive, and Creative Adventures in Cursive gives kids ideas for practicing writing skills, then guides them into cursive creativity.

As many educators will attest, writing in cursive provides cognitive benefits in spelling, memory, reading comprehension, language skills, and overall academic confidence. Practicing cursive carries similar benefits when drawing; once you learn the basic shapes, you can play with it by creating your own personal style.

In Creative Adventures in Cursive, noted author Rachelle Doorley, the creative force behind Tinkerlab, shows twenty fun and colorful ways to use script to make posters, present school projects, design monograms, create greeting cards, decorate book bags and t-shirts, ice cookies and cakes -- writing in script with everything, including fabric markers, pastry tubes, string and yarn, and of course brushes, pens, and crayons.

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Rachelle Doorley

Rachelle Doorley, Art Educator and Founder of TinkerLab.com focuses on creativity and self-expression. Rachelle holds an Ed.M. in Education from Harvard University with a focus on Arts in Education and a BA in theater design from UCLA. Prior to founding TinkerLab, Rachelle taught elementary and middle school art, directed education program at a large contemporary art museum, and dressed actors as a costumer for Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. She's written articles on creativity and arts education for School Arts Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and FamilyFun Magazine. Rachelle lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and her two curious daughters.

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