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As the march of boots echoes from overseas, all nations that border the Pacific and beyond are invited to build pavilions on Treasure Island at the Golden Gate International Exposition, an event dedicated to the pursuit of world peace and brotherhood. Meanwhile, Lily Nordby, smart, strong-willed, and feisty, lands a job at the Examiner and is given a once-in-a-lifetime assignment covering the Exposition. There she meets Tokido Okamura, the host of the Japanese Pavilion -- and despite being highly suspicious of his true purpose on the island, she's swept up in a whirlwind of powerful emotions that lead her into unknown territory.Brilliant and enigmatic Woodrow Packard, a Mayan art scholar at the Expo, prefers remaining aloof and alone. But his infatuation and deepening relationship with Lily thrusts him into the limelight.

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Christie Nelson

Christie Nelson was born and raised in San Francisco, educated in public schools first in the Marina, and then in the outside lands of Park Merced, within earshot of the roar of the lions in the zoo. As a teenage, she traveled by walking, riding buses, streetcars, and cable cars, inhaling the scents of the street, watching the people, and inventing stories.

She graduated from Dominican University where the beauty of Marin County and the majesty of Mt. Tamalpais captivated her. Her two novels," Woodacre" and "Dreaming Mill Valley," and memoir, "My Moveable Feast,"reflect her fascination of place and exploration of contemporary characters in search of love and family.

One part of her wanted to travel, another part wanted to dance, and yet another part wanted to write. In the end, they each won out.

She lives with her husband in the Brewmeister's House of the former San Rafael Brewery.

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