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Henrietta Von Harmon works as a 26 girl at a corner bar on Chicago's northwest side. It's 1935, but things still aren't looking up since the big crash and her father's subsequent suicide, leaving Henrietta to care for her antagonistic mother and younger siblings. Henrietta is eventually persuaded to take a job as a taxi dancer at a local dance hall -- and just when she's beginning to enjoy herself, the floor matron turns up dead.

When aloof Inspector Clive Howard appears on the scene, Henrietta agrees to go undercover for him -- and is plunged into Chicago's grittier underworld. Meanwhile, she's still busy playing mother hen to her younger siblings, as well as to pesky neighborhood boy Stanley, who believes himself in love with her and keeps popping up in the most unlikely places, determined to keep Henrietta safe -- even from the Inspector, if need be. Despite his efforts, however, and his penchant for messing up the Inspector's investigation, the lovely Henrietta and the impenetrable Inspector find themselves drawn to each other in most unsuitable ways.

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Michelle Cox

Michelle Cox is the author of nine books ranging from inspirational nonfiction to cookbooks to humor books. Check out her Just 18 Summers novel (co-authored with Rene Gutteridge) . Her 8th and 9th books, God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box and God Glimpses from the Toolbox (co-authored with John Perrodin) can be ordered now.

Join Michelle for "Encouragement with a Southern Drawl" on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MichelleCoxInspirations, on Twitter @michelleinspire, and on her blog at http://www.just18summers.com.

Michelle writes for FoxNews.com and is the "Life with a Southern Grandmother" columnist twice each week for Guideposts.org. She's been the food blogger for Fox News Personality Todd Starnes (www.toddstarnes.com) , a contributing writer for Leading Hearts Magazine, and has written for Whoa Magazine for Women. She does interviews and movie reviews for ChristianCinema.com.

Michelle is the creator of the Just 18 Summers® brand which will include movies, music, books, and other products. Elevating Entertainment will produce a film based on Just 18 Summers® and Lamon Records will record the Just 18 Summers® song she wrote (with Larry Spears and Angela Walker) .

She's the author of Simple Little Words (co-authored with John Perrodin) , Mothers Who Made a Difference, and There's No Sense in Stewing and Fretting 'Cause Wrinkled is All We're Getting, Cooking with Family & Friends, Keepsake Recipes, and Kella's Kitchen, and has written for multiple publications at Focus on the Family.

She has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, is a speaker at many events, and is on faculty for a number of Christian writing and media conferences. She has also taught webinars for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, and written scripts and designed book trailers as associate producer for Book Preview, a division of Tentmakers Entertainment. Whew, she'll figure out what she wants to do eventually!

Michelle and her husband, Paul, are the parents of three sons and grandparents to six perfect grandchildren. They've owned Cox Masonry for the past 43 years, build houses, and have spent 35 years working with teens and single young adults at Trinity Baptist Church.

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