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Freshman year, Eddie Ashford had it all. Friends, parties, Taco Bell. He enjoyed it, reveled in it even. And he flunked out. Now he wants to redeem himself. Has to. He takes a job in tiny Kusko, Alaska, and promises to stay a year. His intentions are pure, but soon he's lonely, low on cash, and desperate to escape the tundra. In this rough, raw, harrowing, and hilarious story, Eddie's life becomes a dogsled ride along a line between youth and experience, bravery and recklessness, right and wrong. It's tough going, and Eddie is alone at the helm for the first time.

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Craig Dirkes

Craig Dirkes grew up in Minnesota with his parents and two older brothers. He spent his 20s attending college at St. Cloud State University, working at his family's business (a lollipop factory) , and traveling the world, eventually setting foot in 39 countries. He began his career as a journalist in rural Alaska and now works as a public relations writer and professional wedding photographer. Craig lives in Minnesota with his wife and three young children. He enjoys bird hunting, eating deep-fried cheese curds, and watching Minnesota Vikings football.

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