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n the United States, nearly 11 million children are in daycare each day, yet it's surprising how uninformed many parents are about what really goes on while they are away. How do you find the right daycare or know that the one you have chosen is indeed the best choice? Every parent wants peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands but how can they ever really be sure. Imagine that you were given a magic crystal ball that allowed you to see what your kids were actually experiencing at daycare Daycare Diaries will take you through the doors of in-home daycares and childcare centers and provide a "behind the scenes" peek into the daycare world many never get to see. Written by two daycare providers with over 30 years of combined childcare experience, Daycare Diaries is a unique collection of true daycare stories, each providing an important lesson. Whether you are a first time parent or have used daycare for years, these stories will leave you feeling more confident knowing what the ideal daycare should look like for your child Let our experience be your guide on this exciting journey into the childcare world. . .you just might be surprised.

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Rebecca McLaughlin

Rebecca McLaughlin grew up in a large family in Watertown, CT. She moved to Minnesota in 1994 where she now reside with her husband and their 8 children. She began her career in the childcare industry in 1992 and has worked in both daycare centers and home daycare. Her goal is to now use her experience to educate parents about what quality childcare really entails and to enlighten them to not only the downfalls but the huge advantages that exist in daycare as well.

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