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24 Lectures 1 How to Explore Metaphysics 2 The Mystery of the Mind and the Soul 3 Identity Theory-Token and Type 4 Functionalism and Artificial Intelligence 5 Alternative Theories of Mind 6 The Problem of Personal Identity 7 Mind, Memory, and Psychological Continuity 8 Same Body, Same Brain, and Closest Continuer 9 The No-Self Theory and Time Worms 10 The Nature of Truth and Time 11 Libertarian Free Will 12 Compatibilistic Freedom 13 Causation, Possible Worlds, and Propositions 14 God-Definition and Paradox 15 God-The Argument from Existence 16 God-The Argument from Cause 17 God-The Argument from Design 18 From Spinning Buckets to Special Relativity 19 From General Relativity to Space-Time 20 Black Holes, Wormholes, and Time Travel 21 Quantum Mechanics and Wave-Particle Duality 22 Quantum Mechanics, Spin, and Spooky Action 23 Quantum Mechanics, God, and the Multiverse 24 Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?.

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