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Midsized companies are often overlooked by Wall Street and mainstream media outlets, though they are an integral part of national economics. Thus it’s important for national economic success to have a thriving midsized company sector. But that is not easy to do, largely because the factors that throttle growth of midsized companies can be quite different than those of their smaller and larger business brethren. Some of these factors are well known, but others can creep up on management teams and go almost unnoticed until it’s too late.Drawing upon his own experience and interviews with more than 99 companies, author Robert Sher runs through seven “silent growth killers” that plague midsized companies which, if not addressed, eventually cripple growth.

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Robert Sher

He and his partners act as consulting CEOs who help CEOs and their top teams navigate difficult passages. Running a company is a series of judgment calls, each of which can have big consequences. We often help make those judgment calls, drawing on deep experience as CEOs and by helping our clients think through situations. Some people call him a CEO coach. Some call him a CEO mentor. Some see him as their own "Chairman of the Board".

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