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Costa Rica is a popular, easy-to-reach and inexpensive Central American nation (low-cost airfares there from U.S. gateways) for vacationers wanting nature unspoiled by high rises and such--of which there are none in the touristic areas. Its wildlife, flowers, volcanos, rain forests, beaches and general ecology are fiercely protected by a sensitive and democratic government--and the result is sheer pleasure. Author of our Easy Guide to Costa Rica 2015, Eliot Greenspan, has lived in Costa Rica since 1992, where he both writes, acts as a travel consultant, and operates a tour company to--guess where?--Costa Rica.

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Eliot Greenspan

Eliot Greenspan is a poet, journalist, and travel writer who took his backpack and typewriter the length of Mesoamerica before settling in Costa Rica in 1992. Since then he has traveled almost ceaselessly around Latin America, writing articles and travel guides to feed his travel habit. He feels particularly at home in the Neotropics--in its rain and cloud forests, on its rivers, and in and under its seas. Eliot has written Frommer's guides to Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba and Ecuador.

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