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A brilliant wit once said that, "to most Americans, even though they have never been there, San Francisco is their favorite town". The existence of that belief is the strongest proof of the glorious vacation experience that awaits the visitor to that "city by the Bay", that "Paris of the West", a "diverse, beautiful and cosmopolitan city" that excites millions of visitors each year. It is truly "the favorite town" of America, and no agrees more than our author. Here is her thoroughly revised 256-page tribute to a massively popular destination.

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Erika Lenkert

As a lifestyle journalist and entertaining expert, I am a frequent contributor to In Style, Everyday with Rachel Ray, and dozens of other national publications. I have also authored several lifestyle books, including "The Last-Minute Party Girl: Fashionable, Fearless, and Foolishly Simple Entertaining" and "Raw: The Uncook Book." Known for combining wit and wisdom, I am committed to helping today's mommy-to-be shirk the prevailing pregnancy paranoia so that she can confidently revel in all of the weird, wacky, and downright funky stuff that comes with making a human from scratch.

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