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A beautiful, rustic home isn't hard to create. With a splash of color, some pieces that pop, and a little bit of inspiration, even the most standard unit can be flipped into a country haven. Try elegant whites, industrial details, grandiose patterns, or some shabby chic. It's fun and easy to accomplish, and the results will make you proud.Liven up your space with such projects as:* Vintage silhouette art* Antique book décor* Military bed covers* Doorframe bulletin boards* Wallpapering, crocheting, decoupage, and more!So take a quick trip to the flea market, the thrift store, or even the attic - it'll trigger the impulse to decorate! Plus, crafting and decorating is the best form of stress-relief. Paint, sew, sand, sculpt - work with your hands to clear your mind and make your home beautiful in the process.

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