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The PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey has taken the world by storm. With eighty delicious recipes, The Totally, Absolutely Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook celebrates the phenomenal success of the series and the culinary wonders enjoyed by the aristocracy in Edwardian England. Starting with an elegant array of savory tea sandwiches and sweets from traditional high tea, this book guides you through dinner at the Edwardian table with its:• Infinite variety of breads—Dinner Biscuits, Estate Oat Bread, Downton Dinner Rolls, and many more• Soups—Majestic Potato Soup, Royal Cheddar Cheese Soup, and Stilton Chowder• Side Dishes—Asparagus in Cider Sauce, Baked Creamed Turnips, Shredded Spiced Brussels Sprouts, and Savory Caraway Cabbage• Entrées—Edwardian Leg of Lamb, Lobster Pudding, Oyster Roll, Leek Pie, Downton Pheasant Casserole, and Pork Loaf with Apples• Dessert at the Abbey—Lemon Crème Soufflé, Raspberries in Sherry Sabayon Sauce, Queen Victoria Rice Pudding, and Downton Abbey Honey CakeWith recipes adapted for the modern cook by Chef Larry Edwards, these dishes are as inspiring as they are easy to make.

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Larry Edwards

Internationally acclaimed chef and bestselling cookbook author, Larry Edwards, had garnered a worldwide following due to his ability to bring dishes to the public in a simple and straight-forward way and always including his trademark snarky humor.

With the release of his first cookbook, "Edwardian Cooking: 80 Recipes Inspired by Downton Abbey's Elegant Meals," Inside Google noted, "Larry Edwards has done for English cooking what Julia Child did for French cooking." The book has gone on to be an international bestseller and was featured at the New York City Public Library exhibit and the Peabody Institute Library. The book has also been enshrined into Australia's National Trust.

2017 will see two new cookbooks from Chef Larry Edwards. The first, Style & Spice (released September 12) is already receiving praise as the most complete cookbook ever published on Southwest cuisine and includes an entire section on the famed adult beverages from the areas famed cantinas.

In October of 2017, his second cookbook of the year will be released called The American Table. A historic look back on the great comfort foods of America we all remember from the diners, cafes and roadside eateries which once dotted the American landscape. As the chef once noted, "American's should take pride in its delicious culinary history." As one reviewer noted, "The American Table is a virtual encyclopedia of American comfort food we all love and cherish."

Recently the Chef has begun a new culinary project called the Rock&Roll Kitchens. A place where rock and roll comes together with delicious party foods and proves once-and-for-all that food and fun make the perfect marriage. As the chef noted in a recent interview about the Rock&Roll Kitchens, "it is all about breaking rules and being original."

You can now follow Chef Larry Edwards on Twitter for great recipes, autographed book giveaways, where he'll be appearing and the latest news on new books and the fun at the Rock&Roll Kitchens. Simply go to Twitter and ChefLarryEdward (no "s" in the Twitter name) .

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