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Raven loves the nightlife, chasing women and her next high. Men and women fall under her spell at first sight, but she only has eyes for women. Raven doesn't discriminate when it come to her women. She accepts all shapes, sizes and forms for they are mere pawns in her quest to feed her cravings. She has a little secret that could cause catastrophic results for anyone who encounters her, and potentially lead her into a sticky situation. But her cravings are too powerful for her to resist. Will her cravings put her better half in an unwinnable position? Will her little secret come back with vengeance? Valencia Ball longs to be loved. All she has is her best friend Sena who is there for her through thick and thin. But going home to an empty bed every night is starting wear thin on her heart strings. That is until she meets Wanya "Kidd" Brown, who quickly sweeps her off her feet, but she knows they could never be together. She knew long ago her life would never be filled with joy and happiness. Her body belongs to someone else, and now Kidd has stolen her heart. She tries to refuse the feeling he's giving her and he is not taking no for an answer. Kidd is a low-key assassin, working for the notorious Mr. Jackson. He wants nothing more than to be out of the business. His dream for him and his younger brother Moochie to get out alive has finally come true. He meets Valencia and is smitten with her beauty and caring ways. Just when he thinks everything is going good, Mr. Jackson calls in a favor that is sure to rock his world to the core. Will his loyalty stop him from living his life in happiness or is he willing to take a chance and blow caution to the wind? Will his heart overrule his loyalty?

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