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Grit - defined as our perseverance and passion for long-term goals - is now recognized as one of the key determinants of success and life satisfaction. So, how do we build this essential quality? "First we have to understand what authentic grit is," writes Caroline Adams Miller. "It's easy to mistake grit for stubbornness or self-aggrandizement. And it's not always clear how to promote resilience and toughness in a way that builds us up instead of tearing us down." With Getting Grit, this leading author provides a practical guide for anyone seeking to develop this powerful trait for themselves and those around them.In this cogent and accessible book, Caroline illuminates the nature of authentic grit through examples and research - then offers self-assessment tools, daily exercises, and life tips to help us reinforce our capacity for courage and willpower Join her as she explores the key traits of gritty people; how true grit inspires others; the three kinds of false grit; the role of humility, self-compassion, and spirituality in cultivating grit; and much more.

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Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP published her first book, "My Name is Caroline," in 1988 (Doubleday) , which was the first major autobiography by a survivor of bulimia. It was an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild, and has won plaudits around the world for 30 years for its raw, uncensored look at a disorder that few understood or knew how to treat when it was published. "Feeding the Soul" (Bantam 1992) and "Bright Lights for Dark Days" (Bantam 1994) followed, and all were translated into multiple languages. In 2009, Caroline published a groundbreaking book in the field of Positive Psychology and goal setting, "Creating Your Best Life," which was named one of the 10 best goal-setting books of all time by "Live Happy" magazine in 2017 and was lauded by Dr. Martin Seligman as adding a "major missing piece" to the goal-setting/happiness literature. "Positively Caroline," the first book by a survivor of bulimia with more than 25 years of recovery, was published in May 2013, and "Getting Grit," was published in June 2017 and named "one of the ten books that will change your life in 2017." Caroline was honored by the George Washington University Business School's "Hot Mommas" project, part of women's entrepreneurial studies, in October 2013 with their International Mentoring Award for her decades of role modeling health, recovery and goal pursuit. Caroline speaks and consults all over the world, and teaches goals and grit regularly at the Wharton Executive MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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