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Yoga begins with physical well-being. But it can also transport us - through meditation, self-awareness, and movement - into a lifelong exploration of presence, elegance, and deeper life purpose. With Art of Attention, Elena Brower and Erica Jago show us the way. Distilled from their acclaimed workshops and training programs, this multifaceted book can be used as: * A step-by-step workshop for merging movement-based mindfulness with traditional yoga * A "tool kit" of asanas, meditations, self-inquiry questions, and healing practices for creating your own daily spiritual practice * An uplifting source of visual beauty and wisdom teachings for inner reflection and elevation For students and teachers at every level, this one-of-a-kind resource takes us further into yoga - and the art of living - with clarity, creativity, wonder, and depth.

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Elena Brower

Mama, author, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur, Elena Brower is recognized internationally for her expertise in offering practices for approaching our world with realistic reverence. She's the author of Art of Attention, now translated into six languages, and the creator of Teach.yoga, a virtual home for yoga teachers worldwide. Her latest book, Practice You, A Journal, will be released by Sounds True in September 2017.

Elena has created her own guided Audio Meditation Coursework at elenabrower.com/meditation, and as an Executive Producer of On Meditation, she helped curate a series of intimate portraits of renowned meditators. Always a student, she travels the world studying and teaching to share as she learns. She's been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, the New York Times and on major network news channels. Experience Elena's extensive library of filmed practices on? ?YogaGlo?.com,? and her latest Audio Meditations from Sounds True are here on Amazon; 'Grounded and Free' and 'The Return Home.'

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