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*New hardcover gift edition of the bestselling guide for fathers*Drawing on her thirty years' experience practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine, teen health expert Dr. Meg Meeker explains why an active father figure is maybe the single most important factor in a young woman's development. In this invaluable guide, Meeker shows how a father can be both counsel and protector for his daughter as she grows into a spiritually and mentally strong young woman.From cradling his newborn to walking her down the aisle, a father must relish his paramount responsibility—guiding the course of his daughter’s life. Meeker reveals• how a man can become a "strong father"• how a father's guidance influences every part of a woman's life, from her self-respect to her perspective on drugs, alcohol, and sex• how to lay down ground rules that are respected without creating distance in your relationship with your daughter• why you need to be your daughter's hero• the mistakes most fathers make and their serious consequences• how to help daughters make their own good decisions and avoid disastrous mistakes• how a father's faith will influence his daughter's spiritual development• how to get through to you daughter, even during her toughest don't-talk-to-me years• true stories of daughters who were on the wrong path—and how their fathers helped to bring them backLearn how to grow, strengthen, or rebuild your relationship with your daughter to better both your life and hers in the bestselling Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know.

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Meg Meeker

Meg Meeker, M.D., has spent more than thirty years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine and counseling teens and parents. Dr. Meeker is a fellow of the National Advisory Board of the Medical Institute, is an associate professor of medicine at Michigan State School of Human Medicine. A popular speaker and bestselling author of several books, including the national bestseller, STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS; THE 10 HABITS OF HAPPY MOTHERS; and BOYS SHOULD BE BOYS. In 2012, Dr. Meeker released STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS: THE 30-DAY CHALLENGE, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the original bestselling title.

A popular speaker on pediatric health issues and child-parent relationships, she is a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio and television programs. She works with the NFL Fatherhood Initiative and spoke at the UN in 2016on family issues. Dr. Meeker lives in northern Michigan, where she shares a medical practice with her husband, Walter. They have four children.

PRAISE FOR HERO: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need

"Whether I'm working toward winning a Super Bowl or parenting my children, I need a game plan. HERO lays out that plan. Nothing matters more to me than raising children who grow up to be strong, loving adults that know, love, and serve God. Thank you, Meg, for writing such an encouraging and inspiring book for fathers like me!"
-Philip River, Los Angeles Chargers quarterback

"If you are a dad, you MUST read tis book. If you want to bless your own dad, you need to five him this book. Dr. Meg Meeker's message to fathers is simply incredible. Period."
-Les Parrott, PH.D., #1 New York Times bestselling author of SAVING YOUR MARRIAGE BEFORE IT STARTS

"Superman is good. Captain America is great. YOU, on the other hand, have been designed with powers beyond those of ordinary men. With purpose and wisdom flowing through your veins, you YOU can save your children from the pitfalls that await! YOU are the hero they long for. You are the hero they will remember. Let this book be your guide, my friend. Go...while there's still time! You have only one chance...."
-Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of THE TRAVELER'S GIFT and THE NOTICER

"For many men, the critically important role of 'father' often takes a backseat to the responsibilities of being a husband, provider, or sensitivity, Dr. Meg Meeker offers a powerful reminder that 'dad' is the most important tile a man will ever hold."
-Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

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