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Based on the successful blog, Living Large in Our Little House, the book is a practical and inspirational memoir about the joy and freedom of tiny house living.Traditionally, the American Dream has included owning a house, and until recently that meant the bigger the better. McMansions have flourished in suburbs across the country, and as houses got bigger we filled them with more stuff. Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell had been subconsciously trying to live up to this American Dream when circumstances forced her and her husband into a 480-square foot house in the woods. What was supposed to be a writing cabin and guest house became their full-time abode and they quickly discovered that they had serendipitously discovered a better way of life. They realized that by living smaller, they were in fact, Living Large.

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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell was born in Kansas City, Missouri and is technically a Missouri native, although she lived most of her life in Turner, a working class township incorporated into Kansas City, Kansas. Her father was a car inspector for the Santa Fe Railroad and her mother was a housewife with a strong creative side.
Kerri developed her love of writing from her mother and spent most of her days outside playing with her friends and pets and making note of story ideas. When she wasn't playing, she was either inside producing her own neighborhood newspaper or writing while sitting on a neighbor's woodpile that she pretended was a log cabin.
She doesn't have to pretend to have that cabin anymore. Today, she writes from a cottage in the woods of the beautiful Ozark Mountains, with her 5 recycled (rescue) dogs accompanying her to work. She blogs about her life at http://livinglargeinourlittlehouse.com/
When her husband, Dale, isn't working, they enjoy outdoor cooking, boating, fishing, hiking and shooting animals on their wildlife camera.
After a family tragedy derailed her plans for journalism school, Kerri earned a business degree and was one class shy of a minor in history. She took the long way to a writing career, but once she got started she was once introduced as one of the most prolific writers in Kansas City.
Kerri has won awards for journalism from the Kansas City Press Club's Heart of America Awards, the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. One of her essays also placed in the top 100 of 10,000 submitted to Writer's Digest. She is a former national board member for the Society of Professional Journalists and past president of the Kansas City Press Club. Kerri is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Society of American Travel Writers, the Society of Environmental Journalists and the American Society of Business Press Editors.

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