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Quick answers to the one key question everyone needs to answer in order to get organized and save their time, money, space, and sanity: "Should I keep or toss this?"

Are you afraid to open your kitchen cabinet because you know food storage containers are going to come pouring out like an erupting volcano? Do you spend hours searching for the email you need? Will you regret it tomorrow if you give away all your old concert T-shirts? And how many tote bags will you really use?

Keep This, Toss That answers all of these questions and much more. Featuring dozens of illustrated Keep/Toss Checklists, the book shows you exactly what you need - and what you can safely toss, regret-free (even if you're a sentimentalist or saver) - in every room of your house, for each hobby or activity, and even online. It also includes:
* quick tips on clever storage solutions
* tools and utensils that can do double duty
* advice on how to customize the lists to suit your house, your family, and your lifestyle Answering the one key question you need to get organized and live happily with just the stuff you love, Keep This, Toss That is the one organizing book you must have.

About the Author

Jamie Novak

Jamie is going to show us what to keep and what to toss so we can clear the clutter, clean the closets and purge the paper!

You may have seen Jamie on QVC or HGTV or read her blog written for Martha Stewart's Whole Living.

She is the author of the multiple bestselling books including her most recent "KEEP THIS TOSS THAT"

Jamie travels nationally presenting her trademark programs, when not on the road she is
* Re-writing her to-do list
* emptying her paper shredder and
* searching for the mango slicer that mysteriously disappeared from her utensil drawer

Jamie approaches life and organizing in a humorous and heartwarming way. She'll be the first to admit she has yet to find a cure for her addiction to clipping recipes she never prepares.

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