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“Nikos and I live together as lovers, as everyone knows, and we seem to be accepted because it’s known that we are lovers. In fact, we are, according to the law, criminals in our making love with each other, but it is as if the laws don’t apply. It is as if all the conventions of sex and clothes and art and music and drink and drugs don’t apply here in London . . .”In the 1960s, strangers to their new city and from the different worlds of New York and Athens, David and Nikos embarked on a life together, a partnership that would endure for forty years. At a moment of “absolute respect for differences,” London offered a freedom in love unattainable in their previous homes. Friendships with Stephen and Natasha Spender, Francis Bacon, Sonia Orwell, W.

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David Plante

David Plante is the author of more than a dozen novels, including the Francoeur trilogy--The Family, The Woods, and The Country--as well as a work of nonfiction, Difficult Women: A Memoir of Three. His work has appeared in many periodicals, The New Yorker and The Paris Review among them, and has been nominated for a National Book Award. He teaches writing at Columbia University and lives in New York and London.

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