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With the hustle and bustle most family cooks face today, few moms have time to prepare the comforting dinners they grew up with. Thanks to Mom's Best Made Easy, however, it's a snap to re-create all of those cherished flavors...with only a fraction of the work. The homemade goodness of comfort foods is at your fingertips...when you dish out dinner your family will be dishing out the compliments. CHAPTERS Introduction Mom's Best Breakfast Mom's Best Snacks Mom's Best Main Courses Mom's Best Side Dishes Mom's Best Desserts Mom's Best 10-Minute Dishes Mom's Best 30-Minute Meals Mom's Best Weeknight Meals Mom's Best Holiday Menus Recipes Egg Biscuit Bake Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes Meatball Sub Sandwiches Chicken and Dressing Dish Best-Ever Potato Soup Crispy Chicken Cutlets Twice-Baked Deviled Potatoes Herbed Standing Rib Roast Cider Pork Chops Jelly-Topped Sugar Cookies .

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