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You don't have to be a master embroiderer to create beautiful crazy-quilt seams! With 480 seam designs to inspire your creativity, you'll learn to stitch with uniform spacing for a professional appearance. Line everything up perfectly with five pages of full-size stitch templates and dozens of step-by-step illustrations. Then dress up embroidered seams with sparkly beads, buttons, sequins, and silk ribbon embellishments for endless creative combinations!

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Kathy Seaman Shaw

Kathy Seaman Shaw, author and teacher"If you were a Steel Magnolia...which one would you be? M'Lynn, Ouiser, Clairee, Truvy, Annelle, or Shelby? " Like most of the southern women of her own generation... Kathy Shaw believes herself to be a complex mix of all the attributes of these characters. (Her friends often just call her a character...and leave it at that) . She will tell you that she has been tested, and has weathered a few storms in her life so far. And here is what she has learned:"Faith, family and friends can get you through anything...but stitching will keep you sane!"She is a natural leader...as the eldest of seven siblings she was thrust into that role at an early age...and just continued as she later become a mother...then a grandmother. Her first job was during the 10th grade at a summer work program for under-privileged children...and she has worked all of her life from that time on...until 2009 when she retired. Her longest employment was almost 30 years as a civilian working with the Army...which took her to Europe and all over the United States.She began sewing in her pre-teens "just because"...no one made her, no one taught her...it just become something she did. She started making doll clothes, then embellishing her own clothes, and later sewing for herself and others. Now, she is the family seamstress...or as she says "Apparently the only person who knows how to thread a needle in the family". Nothing is too hard for her to attempt...resulting in five different wedding gowns over the years...and her own personal label as being "Fearless" when it comes to needle-arts. Anything is worth her attempting.However, sewing is not all that she has attempted and done well. She makes a great carrot cake; creates inspiring jewelry and beaded gifts; and has single-handedly done the silk floral arrangements for two large family weddings, right down to the ring-bearers boutonniere. Still, remaining modest she'll tell you "That's just part of being a true steel magnolia...you just do whatever is needed to be done." Wherever she has lived, she has shared her knowledge and passion for the needle-arts by teaching basic skills in sewing, crocheting, cross-stitch, ribbon embroidery, beading, jewelry making, doll making, and quilting. Teaching is her one true passion and provides great enjoyment.Today, she continues to nurture that love through her Shawkl Designs Blog (www.shawkl.com) where she shares her current projects and provides free tutorials and classes in crazy quilting. She accepts speaking and teaching engagements across the United States when her schedule is free. In 2011, she published Embellishing Crazy Quilts, a workbook of embroidery seams and motif patterns for crazy quilts. Recently, she published her second book Crazy Quilts Volume I: Beyond the Basics. Presently, she is working on three other volumes (Ribbon Embellishments, Magnificent Motifs, and Beyo

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