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In Death Money novelist Henry Chang returns us to the Chinatown of NYPD Detective Jack Yu, and spins one of his most noir tales yet.When the body of an unidentified Asian man is found in the Harlem River, NYPD Detective Jack Yu is pulled in to investigate. The murder takes Jack from the benevolent associations of Chinatown to the take-out restaurants, strip clubs, and underground gambling establishments of the Bronx, to a wealthy, exclusive New Jersey borough. It's a world of secrets and unclear allegiances, of Chinatown street gangs and major Triad players. With the help of an elderly fortune teller and an old friend, the unpredictable Billy Bow, Jack races to solve his most difficult case yet.

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Henry Chang

HENRY CHANG is a native son of Chinatown and a lifetime New Yorker. He writes from the world of the urban Chinese immigrant demimonde, and his work has appeared in Murdaland2, Gangs in New York's Chinatown, The NuyorAsian Anthology, and Bridge Magazine.
His acclaimed 'Chinatown Trilogy' of CHINATOWN BEAT, YEAR OF THE DOG, and RED JADE, is the hard-boiled reflection of lifelong experiences in the Chinese community, and the books have received high praise from the New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, and the Boston Globe, among others.
Henry Chang's website is Chinatowntrilogy.com .
Henry has appeared on 'Asian America' WNYC TV,on Asia Pacific Forum radio WBAI,and has been featured in 'The Voice' NY Times, the 'Book Mark' NYPL, the Downtown Express news, and in the World Journal, Sing Tao, and Ming Pao Chinese news press.
The Author is a graduate of CCNY and the Chinatown School 'of hard knocks'. He has been a Security Director for major hotels and commercial properties in New York City and he continues to reside in Chinatown and post-911 Lower Manhattan.


"I've been asked about the subjects I write about: Chinatown and Crime.
I'd always wanted to tell these Chinatown stories, true stories of ordinary immigrants struggling to succeed, against the backdrop of organized Chinese crime,-the Triads, the Tongs, and the vicious streetgangs. I also wanted to position the stories within the greater context of what affects Chinese-Americans nationally and internationally.
My protagonist, Chinese-American NYPD Detective Jack Yu, takes the reader on a tour of the Chinatown underbelly while following a police investigation. To me, the stories should not only revolve around the conventional mystery of the 'whodunit' but should also interpret the mystery of why and how things occur in all these Chinatowns across America, and show how crime impacts the survivors and the families involved.
In my books, there will always be tidbits of Chinatown history and sociology dancing in the shadows of the storyline, giving voice back to the voiceless, shedding light on things people don't like to talk about, like exploitation, discrimination, violence and racism in America.
The stories are not simply about cops and criminals, but about how organized crime shadows the immigrant demimonde and controls the underbelly of Chinatown through violence and brutality.
So sit back, and keep your hands in plain sight.
Welcome to Chinatown.

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