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Everyone has heard a different version of what happened that night at MacCallum College. Haley was already in bed when her roommate, Jenny, arrived home shell-shocked from the wild Conundrum House party. Richard heard his housemate Jordan brag about the cute freshman he hooked up with. When Jenny formally accuses Jordan of rape, Haley and Richard find themselves pushed onto opposite sides of the school's investigation. But conflicting interests fueling conflicting versions of the story may make bringing the truth to light nearly impossible--especially when reputations, relationships, and whole futures are riding on the verdict.

Maria Padian offers a kaleidoscopic view of a sexual assault on a college campus. Wrecked will leave readers thinking about how memory and identity, what's at stake, and who sits in judgment shape what we all decide to believe about the truth.

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Maria Padian

Maria Padian is an author of young adult novels as well as a freelance writer, essayist and former broadcast journalist. Her first novel, "Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress" (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2008) was chosen by the ALA and YALSA as one of the Best Books for Young Adults in 2009 and also received a Maine Literary Award and Maine Lupine Honor Award. Her second novel, "Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best," was published by Knopf in March, 2011. A third novel for young adults, "Out of Nowhere," will be published by Knopf in February 2013.

A graduate of Middlebury College and the University of Virginia, she has also attended Oxford University and the Bread Loaf Writers' conference. Along with being a passionate, life-long reader, she is an avid gardener, tennis player, nordic skier and coffee drinker. She makes her home in Maine with her family and their Australian Shepherd.

To learn more about Maria and her books visit www.mariapadian.com

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