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Do you know what last names are most popular in every state and territory in North America? Which states have had the most female governors? Where the first T. rex was discovered? Which state is home to the tallest tree on the eastern seaboard? Learn the answers to these questions and many more in North American Maps for Curious Minds - a one-of-a-kind atlas packed with 100 eyeopening maps for the geographically curious and travel-obsessed! Featuring surprising facts (Who is the highest-paid public employee in each state? Hint: Most are football coaches) , whimsical data (Which US latitudes are home to the most Waffle Houses?) , and insightful connections (Who knew the Midwest self-identifies as the most extroverted region of the country?) , this book highlights the unexpected contours of geography, history, politics, and culture to change the way you see the continent!.

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