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We make hundreds of decisions about food every day. Some of them we know we're making: What to eat, how to eat it, and many more. What we don't know is how each of those decisions is influenced by our environment, the food industry, and our own irrational appetites. Now, How We Eat with Our Eyes and Think with Our Stomachs exposes the hidden influences on how we make those decisions and form eating habits - ultimately equipping readers to eat more intelligently. Drawing from the latest research in behavioral psychology, biology, and neuroscience, as well as from pop culture, journalist Melanie Mühl and psychologist Diana von Kopp focus on more than 40 compelling, distinct questions and issues: Why do we like the foods we like? Is it because of our environments? Family? Taste buds? (All three?) Is raw food healthier than cooked food? (No!) Why do people overeat? Keep reading, and find out.

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