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Illuminating and unprecedented: An award-winning journalist's 60,000-mile journey to meet, learn from, and practice with the world's most remarkable ordained Buddhist women The Tibetan Buddhist nuns who Christine Toomey happened to meet in 2011 told stories she couldn't forget - of prison, extreme hardship, and ultimately fleeing across the Himalayas into exile. Amazed by their unshakable devotion, and motivated by her own recent losses, Toomey spent the next two years seeking other ordained Buddhist women - across India, Nepal, Burma, Japan, Europe, and America. A feat of immersive journalism, In Search of Buddha's Daughters introduces 50 of the courageous nuns Toomey found and lived alongside for a time - women of all ages and walks of life, searching for peace and determined to help others find it, too.

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Christine Toomey

Christine Toomey is an award-winning journalist and author. A foreign correspondent and feature writer for the Sunday Times for more than twenty years, she was previously based as a correspondent in Mexico City, Paris, Berlin and now London and has reported from over 60 countries worldwide. Her journalism has been syndicated globally and she has twice won Amnesty International Awards for Magazine Story of the Year.

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