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What Employers Won’t Tell You About Today’s EconomyThe face of business is changing. Are you adapting along with it?Do you find yourself frustrated by your current financial situation? Are you tired of not making what you deserve and annoyed with not having better options?You’re not alone. Every day millions of Americans wake up in the same situation: same job, same bills, same treadmill. . .and no way off it. It’s time to change that.Whether you want to increase your take-home pay or learn how to create standalone income on the side, How to Get a Raise This Week: With or Without Your Boss’s Permission will teach you secrets the wealthy know---and why they’re so eager to hold onto them!How to Get a Raise This Week: With or Without Your Boss’s Permission exposes the hidden barriers between the average and those who build long-term wealth.

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Ryan Shaffer

Ryan Shaffer was born in San Francisco, CA to German-Irish/English parents , grew up in north Georgia, and went to school in Lakeland,FL.He became a business owner at 24 and partnered in a consulting company at 29. His first book, "How to Get a Raise this Week: With or Without Your Boss' Permission" is being published by Morgan James publishing and hits bookstores in May 2014.Ryan currently resides in Athens,Ga. He enjoys being outdoors,soccer, martial arts and cooking in his spare time.

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