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Raising a baby is joyful, amazing . . . and ridiculously difficult. But with some insight into what's actually going on inside your little one's head, your job as a parent can become a little bit easier - and a lot more fun. In Think Like a Baby, coauthors Amber and Andy Ankowski - The Doctor and the Dad - show parents how to re-create classic child development experiments using common household items. These simple step-by-step experiments apply from the third trimester through age seven and beyond and help parents understand their children's physical, cognitive, language, and social development. Amazed parents won't just read about how their kids are behaving, changing, and thinking at various stages, they'll actually see it for themselves while interacting and having fun with them at the same time.

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Amber Ankowski PhD

Amber Ankowski is an expert in child development, with a PhD in developmental psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, experience teaching at several Southern California universities, and three young children that she both teaches - and learns from - every day. She parents and writes with her husband Andy Ankowski, who studied creative writing at the University of Notre Dame, has written award-winning advertising for more than a decade, and believes a good sense of humor is a parent's best friend.

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