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WINNER 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award (Mind, Body, Spirit category) The Divine Art of Dying explores the unique moment when seriously ill people choose to turn toward death. Combining personal stories with solid research on palliative and hospice care, it provides a well-integrated look at the spiritual dimensions of living fully when death is near. Filled with insights from the world's great wisdom traditions along with references from literature, movies, and current culture, it helps identify the life decisions the dying one and his or her loved ones must make, and what their caregivers can expect.

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Karen Speerstra

Books and writing have been a part of my entire life--at least since second grade when I was awarded my very own copy of Pinnochio for reading the most books that year. I was a free-lance writer in Wisconsin when our two sons were young and then entered the publishing world to view that world from the other side of the desk. So, if anyone's counting, I have twenty seven years of publishing experience. Nine years of free lance writing and public relations; eighteen years in book acquisitions and management within two major publishing companies: a college textbook publisher, William C. Brown (now part of McGraw Hill) in Dubuque, Iowa, and an East Coast professional-trade/scientific, technical, medical publisher, Butterworth-Heinemann, including managing for a while, the imprint Focal Press, a division within Reed Elsevier as well as Publishing Director for the Butterworth-Heinemann technical division.Now I'm back on the "writing side" of the desk again. My blog site, www.sophiaserve.com has information on my books to date. SophiaServe is the name of my little consulting business. I work with select clients who need "thought partnering," actual help with putting book proposals together, editing, etc. I'm busy on several websites besides my own and my next book will be about Sophia's presence in our world. Today. Sophia is only one of Her many names...Divine Feminine Wisdom. Not that I'm all that wise, mind you; I just know "She's" very important right now. For all of us.On my website you'll also find out about another passion of mine: making one of a kind hand sewn hats from recycled wool. (mostly from sweaters). I call them Kelsey Mountain Hats named after the area in Vermont where my husband, John, and I live. You can read there about why I started making them. And view about 150 of them...depending on how many craft shows and farmer's markets I've been attending.We have one son (Nathan) in Colorado. He helps to make people's houses safe and energy efficient. His beautiful wife Traci is a chemist and together they take loving care of our clever little granddaughter, Josie. Our other son in Gothenberg,Sweden (Joel) helps people know and understand early keyboard instruments and all things musical. He's an author and illustrator as well--in fact, my co-author on Hunab Ku:77 Sacred Symbols for Balancing Body and Spirit. Besides gardening--mostly flowers--we have a Chartres-style labyrinth in our south meadow. Visiting ancient sites is one of our many passions. John and I love to travel and have made our way to all fifty states as well nearly everywhere in Canada. And Knossos, Delphi, Istanbul, Ephesus, Mayan sites, Alaskan fishing villages, Baltic cities... Then we happily return to central Vermont where we feel fortunate to be surrounded by "calendar art" every season of the year.

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