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The origin of Kong and the founding of Skull Island - where it all began.Two fractured and combative civilizations are forced to unite when their island is destroyed. Washing up on the shores of Skull Island, they must defend their people against an endless horde of dinosaurs and monsters. With the help of Kong, lies hope for survival. BOOM! Studios and DeVito Artworks LLC unleash an original graphic novel. From James Asmus (Thief of Thieves, All-New Inhumans) and Carlos Magno (Lantern City; Planet of the Apes) comes the origin of Kong, created by Merian C. Cooper, and grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito's ground-breaking literary property Skull Island. Exclusively authorized and endorsed by the Cooper family as their official King Kong/Skull Island prequel and sequel origin story.

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A playwright, comedian, and comic book writer (with dabblings in other media when the opportunities arise) - James Asmus tends to focus on the vulnerabilities and humor inherent in his characters. But heartbreak and horror pop up a lot, too. A former citizen of Cleveland, New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles (in that order) . Not sure how much of an influence that path has been, it's the kind of thing people mention in author bios.

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