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Reap the rewards of a job well - and happily - doneEven in a tight economy, job satisfaction isn't a luxury; fulfilled, happy employees are productive, innovative, and loyal. And workplace fulfillment spills over into happier families and better communities. Jim Donovan, a small-business owner, consultant, and speaker, has worked with employees and employers for twenty-five years. In that time he has tested and honed these shift-producing strategies on everything from managing time, making decisions, and marking milestones to breaking patterns, bouncing back, and becoming exceptional. Each tip's method and rationale are clearly explained. Real workplace vignettes demonstrate the benefits and results that can be gleaned from simple shifts and actions.

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Jim Donovan

I am available to speak to business groups, associations, and government agencies. My books are available wherever books are sold and a complimentary subscription to my "Jim's Jems" newsletter, published since 1991, is available, along with a free gift, at www.JimDonovan.com

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