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A comprehensive yet accessible handbook for writing and conducting meaningful, effective performance reviews, geared toward managers of all levels, from the author of How to Write It.

Performance reviews are one of the best tools managers have to shape company talent and culture, develop strong channels of communication with employees, and create systemic change. However, the stress and struggle to find just the right words is often what managers and HR professionals dislike most about conducting employee evaluations. In this pithy, user-friendly handbook, author and writing teacher Sandra E. Lamb lays out the best methods and proven tactics to administer productive evaluations that benefit both parties - and the company. Lamb teaches managers how to design scoring systems for employees that track progress with hard data, how to best prepare for and conduct both in-person and written reviews, and the key words to use. Covering hard and soft skills, 3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews includes lists of powerful phrases and words that clearly describe performance - both positive and negative - including sections targeted to specific industries and jobs. This guide empowers managers at all levels to master the art of performance reviews that achieve results.

About the Author

Sandra E. Lamb

I started professional life as a technical writer and quickly learned that the ability to effectively communicate - and on deadline - is not related to genius. Many of the engineers I worked with were brilliant, but struggled when it came to expressing in writing what they knew. The same is true, I quickly found, in all levels of management.

I determined that a book that gives some simple answers, and lots of examples, would help with this sort of common "writer's block;" and for everyone it would serve to save lots and lots of time for all those writing tasks - business and personal - they faced. That was my motivation for writing How to Write It. And in refining that motivation and making it even more all-inclusive, I wrote a second edition, and now How to Write It Third Edition.

Along the way, I've written Personal Notes, then Write the Right Words, too, because I wanted to give voice to that mysterious element of self-discovery, reflection, and connecting that's possible - to both the writer and the recipient--through this very intimate way of communicating.

I've honed my own writing skills working as a journalist, a marketing and PR expert, CEO, friend, and relative in those daily demands of each. I often write and speak on matters of career, relationships, writing, lifestyle, and etiquette. For more information, please visit, www.SandraLamb.com.

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