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For Margaret Roach gardening is more than a hobby, it's a calling. Her unique approach, which she refers to as "horticultural how-to and woo-hoo," is a blend of vital information to memorize (like how to plant a bulb) and intuitive steps you must simply feel and surrender to. For more than twenty years, Roach has shared her deep garden knowledge, first at Martha Stewart Living and now on her popular website and podcast. Now, with A Way to Garden, she explores how she and her way of gardening have changed over the years. Following the life cycle of the garden, Roach shares helpful advice on seasonal gardening, ornamental plants, vegetable gardening, design, and organic practices. She also challenges gardeners to think beyond garden borders to consider the ways gardening can enrich the world.

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Margaret Roach

I garden because I cannot help myself, and THE BACKYARD PARABLES (January 2013) shares what I've learned about horticulture, and life, in the process of digging ever deeper. In December 2007, I walked away from New York City and my job as EVP/Editorial Director of Martha Stewart, because I craved other rewards: solitude, a return to the creativity of writing, and a closer connection to nature and my first passion, the garden I'd been making on weekends for 20 years. I moved to a rural New York town of 300, began AWayToGarden.com (called "the best garden blog" by the New York Times and named for my prize-winning 1998 book) , and wrote the dropout memoir AND I SHALL HAVE SOME PEACE THERE. I'm the former garden editor of Newsday newspaper, and was an editor at the New York Times. Today I lecture, teach and blog about what I call "horticultural how-to and woo-woo." (Erica Berger photo.)

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