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Itxs the holy grail of gardening a plant that perfectly matches your tastes and the conditions in your garden The hitch Youxre not likely to find it at your local garden center Youxre going to have to create it yourselfBut donxt worryxit isnxt hard After all gardeners have been doing it for centuries simply by saving seeds of the varieties that tasted or performed best But youxll get even better results by following the advice in Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener Youxll learn how to set achievable goals in your breeding program the ins and outs of genetics how to pick the best parent plants how to cross-pollinate the best techniques to use for popular vegetables and flowers and how to harvest and store seedsIn no time at all youxll be producing a tomato perfect for your palette a pepper with just the right amount of heat or a more fragrant rose.

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