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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Major League umpire? Well, now you can test your knowledge of the game with Wayne Stewart's You're the Umpire. Divided into three sections, this unusual handbook offers Routine Calls, which deal with scenarios and rules that typically come up in games and deal with clear cut rules - fair and foul, strike zone questions, and the like. The next section, Basic Situations, deals with umpiring matters and rules that are just a bit more unusual or, for the casual fan, obscure. Interference and obstruction calls, for example, don't come up too often, but they remain standard stuff involving rules that umps and many fans know quite well. In the final section, Obscure Rules and Situations, you will be presented with what many baseball people call "knotty" problems.

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Wayne Stewart

WAYNE STEWART has been a professional sports writer for more than 30 years, and has published hundreds of articles in such publications as USA Today/Baseball Weekly, Baseball Digest, Boy's Life, and Beckett Baseball Card Monthly.

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